Leadership Opportunities at MSU

President's Higher Ed. award

The Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement (SLCE) at Mississippi State University aspires to educate, enlighten, and empower tomorrow's leaders - everyday citizens who will ultimately transform the social, educational, and economic fabric of communities across our state and nation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to holistically instill within its participants the ideals of diversity, citizenship, leadership, and service. Participants assess, practice, and refine skills that will enable them to shape the schools, businesses, and communities of tomorrow.

Learning outcomes focus on understanding self, appreciating others, and transferring knowledge into action to create meaningful change. Learning is made relevant through mentoring, service to community, accountability to others, and shared reflection.

The students, faculty, staff, and community partners of SLCE are transformed through the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity. Ultimately, this transformation will drive the social, educational, and economic progress of communities across our state and nation.

Young Guns


LeaderSTATE(Rising high school seniors)

LeaderSTATE is a weeklong leadership immersion at Mississippi State University for select JROTC high school students.

Day One Leadership Community (Freshmen)

A co-residential program that focuses on shared academic and service experiences, including a Leadership Forum taught by a group of Mississippi State University’s teachers and special guest speakers.

Montgomery Leadership Program (Sophomores and Juniors)

Appalachian Leadership

A two-year program for current students that exhibit recognized academic, leadership, and character traits. They are engaged in a variety of service and leadership activities designed to build communication skills, technical excellence, strategic analysis, project management abilities, and community involvement.

Maroon Volunteer Center

A student-driven initiative that encourages and supports community involvement and volunteer service. Led by a team of students, staff, and volunteers, the center provides services, programs, and events that allow the MSU community to utilize their talents and skills while helping others.

Click here to download a copy of the 2012-2013 SLCE annual report.

Affiliated Programs

Day One

Minor in Leadership

The Minor in Leadership Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide academic and experiential knowledge and skills to prepare students for future leadership positions in communities, professions, and organizations.

Where can I learn more?

Find out more about the Student Leadership and Community Engagement and its programs by contacting Stephen Williams, program manager, at 662-325-0244 or E-mail Stephen.